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Manchester Orchestra - Colly Strings 

Well, don’t stop calling, you’re the reason I love losing sleep.

A Greek man walks into a tailor’s shop holding a pair of trousers. The tailor takes the pants and holds them up, turning to the man and he says “Euripides?”
“Yes,” the man responded, “Eumenides?”
- I lose it every time I hear this. (via latrodecta)

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Kelsey scans the wall of T-shirts in Five Below, one of the few stores to qualify as “quirky” in this conservative part of western Michigan. “Let’s Have a Party,” a shirt reads, near displays of body glitter and $5 leggings. “Warning: Prone to Shenanigans,” reads another, and after less than a minute, it’s clear the store doesn’t have what Kelsey is looking for, because no place ever does, at least not around here.

“I think I might have to make you a gay shirt,” Kelsey’s friend Kahri offers as they walk out of the store. “Or not a gay shirt, but — you know.”


What Kelsey Beckham really wants is a shirt that communicates something very specific about its wearer. Not about gayness, or anything to do with sexual orientation, but about gender. A shirt that says the wearer is something many people aren’t familiar with: Not a he. Not a she. Not a male transitioning to a female, or a female transitioning to a male. A shirt explaining that Kelsey, 18, doesn’t identify with any gender at all.

Kelsey’s gender identity is “non-binary.” Or, “agender.” It’s what Kelsey feels comfortable with, even though the world keeps insisting, in a million little ways, that Kelsey has to choose. Like the OkCupid profile some friends are always suggesting Kelsey create online. When Kelsey looked at the matchmaking site’s opening screen, it presented an immediate problem: “I am a [male/female].”

Which box do you check when you don’t belong in any box? How do you navigate the world when the world is built on identifying with one group or another group, male or female, and the place that feels most right to you is neither?


When No Gender Fits: A Quest To Be Seen As Just A Person | Monica Hesse for the Washington Post

In case you missed it, this was on the literal front page of the Washington Post last week, and it might be one of the best pieces of journalism I’ve ever seen on agender identity. You won’t regret reading the whole thing. 

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“…and your mother said ‘Happy birthday. I am sorry to inform you that everyone you love is dead’

Explain, with reference to Sylvia Plath’s first suicide attempt and subsequent admittance to hospital, the relevance of the quote above to your childhood, when, upon seeing the brilliant blue of a butterfly’s wings—

(10 marks)


Should a poet’s work be

enjambed or read in sequence? Examinees are encouraged to utilise essay structure and one reference to Walt Whitman in their answer.

(5 marks)


There’s stardust in our eyes and laughter on our lips,

Over and over again the orchestra plays our last dance:

Amor, amor, amor

(10 marks)


They saw that post you made last night, when you thought they had gone to sleep and you could let the hurt bleed.

Give up. It’s over. You’re over.

A person who has feelings is a ruined person unless they keep their mouth shut - which is exactly what you didn’t do.

(5 marks)


I hold stars for the gods, their flashing eyes are nebulae, colours blooming against the universe; their council is the companion of beauty and destruction. 
The moirai, with their pale fingers, trace my body, as cold and unfeeling as porcelain, each brush a calculation and every new line a fate thrown into existence. They cut my golden hairs one by one; there is no string of fate, destinies are written in my stars—

(10 marks)


“You trace my scars like you could brush them away and wipe the blood from my mouth as if it would remove the wounds on my lips.” Discuss this statement, with evidence cited from the decline of the relationship between Lucien Carr, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg to support your conclusion. 

(5 marks)


Now the sky is still heartbreakingly blue. It’s a blue that lovers kiss under, in the cooling summer air, the kind that drags itself across the skin of my body and leaves a trail of goose bumps to hint at its existence. It’s so quiet I can hear the radio playing somewhere. It’s singing about people, and about feelings… feelings about people. It’s warbling words of love and murdering us with words edged like an axe. It’s crooning the song of death.

Do you agree? 

(20 marks)


Cassandra was gone long before her death, murmuring words, and words, and words; and her mind falling as Apollo watched her beauty heighten in her madness, and the truth will always be madness, but when she died with screams on her lips, she could not help but be satisfied with her choice, though it may never have been hers, because she cannot be her own person any more than you can stand to keep away from blades, do you understand please do you understand—

(10 marks)


Is opinion a requirement for literature? Are you?

(15 marks)


If, at 5 A.M. on a Monday morning I still haven’t slept and countless cups of coffee have cooled in my hands, but I’m still reaching for your number in my phone even after you told me “never again”:

(i)                 Explain why the French Revolution was an amalgamation of poor leadership, economic troubles and enlightened thinking, making sure to provide sufficient illustration of the dramatic irony and use of paradox used by the authors of the nightmare you had two hours ago every night but never wake from.

(ii)               Draw the colour of your soul.

(10 marks)


Shouldn’t you have learnt by now? (25 marks)

Death won’t get an A on your exam. (25 marks)

If I don’t exist, how do I know about me? (25 marks)

Please? (25 marks)

All working must be demonstrated. All questions must be answered. Illegibility will be penalised.

- standard exam, E.C. (via vohltaire)


stop saying “his or her”

use their

piss off prescriptivists
acknowledge nonbinary identities
make your sentences less clunky
advocate for common usage which is what leads to grammatical acceptance 

"You chased a bottle of aspirin with vodka" 
"I had a headache"




Sometimes I think to myself, “do I really want to buy another chocolate bar?”
And then I remember that there is a super volcano under Yellowstone that is 40,000 years overdue and when it erupts it could potentially cover most of north America in ash and create a volcanic winter that kills half the worlds population
And I’m like, fuck yeah I want that chocolate bar

This is one of the most inspiring posts i’ve ever seen

Treat yo self.


Forgive- Porches [Ft. Greta Kline]