No, I'm not in the wrong bathroom.


i call myself an adult but i still cant watch x-files after sunset

I hate physical contact but I’ll massage the hell out of kale.

MACBETH: do you think I would make a good king
LADY MACBETH skateboards across the hall
LADY MACBETH: king of jerking off maybe
- "Dirtbag Macbeth" (via stecklr)


Play-Doh by Jeff Koons (via)

Jeff Koons is a narcissistic asshole but his art is weirdly satisfying.


Rudy Francisco - “Complainers” (NPS 2014)

"It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty, drink that shit and stop complaining."

Performing for San Diego during semifinals at the 2014 National Poetry Slam.